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Welcome to the BWH Virtual Staffing team! We are excited to have you as part of this timely and important effort.

The virtual rounding / virtual staffing concept pre-existed COVID-19; however, it has a gained new imminence with the anticipation of growing hospital censuses and limited staff availability during this crisis. We also view virtual staffing as a robust means of reducing infectious risk, preserving PPE, and utilizing healthy but furloughed care providers. Finally, we hope that the innovations we develop during this time have a lasting impact on how we think about delivery of inpatient care beyond the resolution of the present COVID pandemic. As such, this continues to be an evolving process as we gain more experience and iterate upon it.

In its current form, "virtual rounders" function as a member of an inpatient team, filling an operational role similar to that of an Internal Medicine PGY-1 or PA-C. In addition to the structured roles discussed below, virtual rounders are invited to contribute to rounds and help their team as they are interested and able. Unlike an in-person intern, however, virtual rounders are not expected to develop daily care plans or serve as the "Responding Clinician" for any of the team's patients.

We know that there is a learning curve for virtual rounders and new residents alike in becoming experienced and facile with inpatient structure, navigating Epic, etc., and that many of us may need some time and experience before all of these tasks are easy and efficient for us. That's okay! The role of this guide is to help address these challenges and serve as a quick on-ramp and reference for the processes involved in this role.

Like the program itself, this guide continues to evolve.

Welcome aboard and thank you again for your time and dedication to this effort!

Narath Carlile, Internal Medicine attending
Nora Becker, Internal Medicine PGY-3
Kate Martin, PA-C, Radiation Oncology
Nina Jain, Internal Medicine PGY-3
Ben Parker, Internal Medicine PGY-2
Sunny Kishore, Internal Medicine PGY-2
Amrapali Maitra, Internal Medicine PGY-2